On an online listing platform, you only have one chance to impress the potential clients with the photos. Clients who look for online listings will rely on the pictures for a preview of the home before they make a decision to inspect it. Photos will tell a lot about a home. you can choose to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures but it may cost you more than you plan on spending. If you have a good quality camera or a good Smartphone, you can take the pictures yourself.

Follow these rules to take the perfect pictures for your listing


The curb appeal is the main picture the buyers will look at before they make the decision. Buyers will often decide within seconds or minutes if they want to move to another listing, keep looking or add the listing to their basket. When taking the picture of the curb, ensure the entire house is in the shot including the fence. Consider the design of the front door or gate before taking the pictures. An attractive door has a high chance of setting a good tone for the entire home. leave the door open when you are taking the pictures as a sign of welcoming the clients.

Modern technology has changed the perspective in which people take photographs. Have you considered a bird’s eye view of your home for your listings? If you have a drone or you know someone who does, you can use it to take an aerial view of the home. it will turn out modern and show a lot more of the home than a camera picture.

If you think skipping areas like the bathroom will not affect your listing you are wrong. If your bathroom and kitchen were renovated recently, show them off in your listing photos. People do consider these areas when they are choosing the home. The goal of taking these pictures is to put up the best areas of the place. Staging your home will sell the kind of lifestyle your property has to offer. Create a cosy vignette before you take each photo to ensure the potential buyers envision themselves in the house

The don’ts

When you are taking a photo of the curb appeal, you have to show off a little professionalism. Make sure you do not put the camera in weird angles when taking the pictures. Ensure the roofline and the house is parallel to the frame so you can get a level photograph. If it looks like a landslide on the property, the clients will not consider the property even once.

Plain, simple and clear pictures are the key to enticing listing pictures. Deceiving photos like using the fisheye pro to make your home appear larger will lose you some points on the listing. Sometimes, the fisheye pro has a different effect on the property and will make it appear smaller and undesirable. Stick with a simple lens when you are taking pictures of the property.

Remember, the only thing you are trying to sell is the property. Avoid taking picture that will show a reflection of you or presence in the home.